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God has given us a vision to build an altar in the wilderness, a place of escape to pursue the Lord and regularly gather with like minded Kingdom people. We envision dorm facilities, dozens of cabins, green houses, gardens, eating facilities and so much more. In a world where people are continually monitored, The Altar will be a place “out of site and out of mind” where believers will hear the undiluted gospel of the Kingdom, discover true community and be equipped to stand in the evil day.


3 Ways to Donate:

But how do we pay for it?

There’s never any pressure to give at The Altar. Why? Because high pressure offerings wouldn’t cover the cost of what God is asking us to build anyway. We need the kind of financial miracles that only come to those who put their trust in God alone. We trust Him to speak to people, and He does.
God gives seed to the sower! If you are one of those, you’ll find The Altar to be good soil to sow into. If God puts it in your heart to invest in a gathering, to help us build The Altar, or perhaps to finance one of our cabins (we’ll make sure you get to sleep in it!), we trust you’ll obey Him in that.




Be sure to follow up by texting your name and postal address so we can send you a tax receipt!



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Make cheques out to

Arise Canada


Mail to:

82 Elgin Park Road SE

Calgary, AB T2Z 4B8

All donations over $20 will be issued a tax receipt.

NOTE: Tax receipts will be issued by Arise Canada.

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