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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Altar?
The Altar is in a beautiful wooded area just a kilometre outside of Drayton Valley. When you register we will send you the address.

How much is admission?
IT’S FREE! We only ask that you register ahead of time so we can plan appropriately.  

Where will we eat?
You won’t go hungry at The Altar! The food is always abundant, delicious and free of charge. Because we value connection and community, we gather at tables in big tents as a great big happy family.
Meals start Thursday at 5pm. Click here for more information.

How can you feed all of us without charging anything?
God provides. We trust Him to cover our costs and He always does. If He puts in your heart to donate to the gathering in any way, or even to cover a meal, feel free to help us out. That’s how revival communities like ours get it done.

I have special dietary needs. Will there be other menu options?
We apologize, but due to the large volume of meals and limited cooking space, we are unable to provide special meals for those who have dietary restrictions. You are, however, more than welcome to bring your own food and join us at the eating area for all the meals.

Is the meeting area indoors? What if it rains?
We have not begun construction of the actual sanctuary at The Altar, so all activities are outdoors (aside from our meal tents). As we are in Alberta, please be prepared for all weather conditions: rain, snow, hail, or heat! Bring umbrellas, blankets (particularly for the evening meetings), warm clothes and cool clothes.

Are there chairs at the Altar?
We have a limited number of chairs at the Altar for those who cannot bring their own. However, if you have lawn chairs please bring them and maybe even an extra.

What is there for my children to do?
There will be a play area for the children with a large "sandbox" and some play structures. However, the play area will NOT be supervised. Please be aware of where your own children are at all times!

Will there be a children's program during the sessions?
TBA. Please check back again soon.

I have a large RV. Is there room for it?
Yes. We have room for RVs, tent trailers and tents. Come in whatever style of camping comfort you choose. Please note there are no electrical hookups.

Are there showers and bathrooms?
There will be porta-potties located in strategic and convenient locations. There will also be showers available.

Can I bring my pet?
If you are unable to leave your pet at home, you may bring it. However, due to the large numbers of people and children at this gathering, we request that pets must be on a leash at all times. Please be considerate of others and clean up after your pet. Thank you!

Can I come and camp before or after the official gathering dates?
As this is a personal property, please plan to only stay for the gathering dates, July 14 (at noon) to July 17 (1 pm).

God has given us a vision to build an altar in the wilderness, a place of escape to pursue the Lord and regularly gather with like minded Kingdom people. We envision dorm facilities, dozens of cabins, green houses, gardens, eating facilities and so much more. In a world where people are continually monitored, The Altar will be a place “out of site and out of mind” where believers will hear the undiluted gospel of the Kingdom, discover true community and be equipped to stand in the evil day.

But how do we pay for it?
There’s never any pressure to give at The Altar. Why? Because high pressure offerings wouldn’t cover the cost of what God is asking us to build anyway. We need the kind of financial miracles that only come to those who put their trust in God alone. We trust Him to speak to people, and He does.
God gives seed to the sower! If you are one of those, you’ll find The Altar to be good soil to sow into. If God puts it in your heart to invest in a gathering, to help us build The Altar, or perhaps to finance in one of our cabins (we’ll make sure you get to sleep in it!), we trust you’ll obey Him in that.

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