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You are Invited

Many who deeply love the Lord feel empty at this moment. Physically, emotionally and spiritually spent, it’s been a battle to say the least. Most of us could use a few days in the infirmary and the remedy for our weary and bruised souls is not found in anything but Him.

We sense a deep urging from the Lord as to what He wants to do in the coming days. We have personally experienced the dry wells, in the natural and in the spirit, but that’s about to change. God is desiring to dig deeper in each of us, unlocking a fresh flow of His living water to fill and revive us once again.

My wife Cara and I want to personally invite you to meet us in the wilderness July 14-16th. Come to The Altar. It is a very special place surrounded by trees under the open sky where God has a habit of meeting profoundly with those who seek Him. Come and walk the beautiful trails with us. Eat with us, laugh with us, pray and dance and get lost in the Spirit with us.

God is making a way in the wilderness. Come to The Altar and find it.



There are ministers joining us from different places. The schedule for speakers, however, will be determined as the Lord leads.


Join us as we worship with

Spruce Grove

Nikki Mathis & Summit

Kings Valley (Ft St John)

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